Thursday, April 12, 2012

BETA readers needed for a new Pentax K-01 iBook.


 Hi Photographer friends,

If you think that I haven't written much on this blog lately, you would be correct. I have been working late every night to complete an "How to" e-book or rather an iBook for the Pentax K-01. I still have a couple of weeks to go before I can publish it.

Unlike my previous e-books, that were and still are available in PDF, this new K-01 iBook is specifically written for the iPad. Apple came up with a new app in December called iBooks Author. Take a look at what it can do here on the Apple Site.

This new format is the most exciting form of digital book available yet. When reading the iBook, all media forms are included within the iBook. In other words, instead of multiple pages of text and images, you can view a video right from within the iBook, or peruse through a gallery of useful images pertaining to the subject at hand. From the iBook, you can even surf the internet or look at any website mentioned in the iBook and come right back to the same page you were reading, all with one tap on the screen. Get this, you can highlight a word or a paragraph, and create your own flash card with your own words to retrieve at any time later on. Enlarge the screen, rotate from portrait to landscape or just swipe to the next page or chapter.

Search within the iBook or Wikipedia or the entire Internet for more information about a word, and still return the page you are reading. Some of the images are interactive and tapping on a area brings additional information, etc.

This is the way we will all read and learn in the not-so-distant future. Once again, Apple is changing an entire aspect of our lives. My new Pentax K-01  iBook will be one of the first of its kind, if not the first. I have been working directly with Pentax and Apple for a while on this project.

People that do not have an iPad will not be left in the dust, as I will simultaneously release a PDF version. However the PDF version will not be as dynamic as the iBook.

Now, not everyone that has a Pentax K-01 has an iPad, but for those who do, I will release the K-01 in BETA to one  hundred  people. I'm not as big as Adobe, so I can't distribute BETA copies to everyone. 

If you have a Pentax K-01 and an iPad, and would like to be a BETA tester, please email me at  When the iBook is ready, it will be available for BETA testing directly from the Apple App Store. You will receive a unique password as a BETA tester and I will also email you when it's available.(Around the end of April)

If you are interested in being a BETA tester, email me as soon as possible, as I don't think it will take very long to enroll 100 people. In return, I will expect your opinion, pointing out of  typographical errors  and any suggestions about the iBook and future "How to" photography iBooks. I am planning to write similar iBooks for all popular digital cameras, including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and of course... all future Pentax cameras.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourquqe
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