Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hi Photographer friends,

I'm almost done with my new Pentax K-01 "Everything you need to know...and then some" iBook. I have to say that this is the hardest task I have ever embarked on. It's not easy to write a book, it takes a lot of research and hands-on handling of the camera. It's was ten times harder to write this e-book (or iBook in this case) for the Apple iPad since Apple only released the application last December. There has been very little help from Apple as most "Apple Genious" were not yet trained with the "iBooks Author". I really think they have a winning app here, but it's taking  a little long to publish an "iBook Author Guide". Maybe I should make that my next project!

In the end though, I believe this will be the best e-book in my series. It has everything needed to help the readers understand. It uses all media currently available. It has text, images, video, interactive screens, search inside the iBook or the entire Internet, the ability for the readers to make notes and save the notes as flash cards for later use...and then some.

Does it show that I'm excited?


What's more, I am contemplating continuing the series with the most popular cameras from all manufacturers. That will include Nikon and Canon cameras.

Oh yes! I'm definitely a Pentax user, but I believe I can be more helpful to the photographic circle by writing iBooks for all the most popular models of all brands.

One last word, frankly, I was a little disappointed with the K-01 not having  an OVF or EVF, but after using the camera for nearly one month, I am really pleased with the live-view that the monitor offers.  I took some images on sunny days, with no clouds, at noon, here in the Mojave desert, and I could see the image on the screen very well. There seems to be very little reflection problems with the K-01. I can't say that even with my K-5. 

I will releasing the iBook next week to 100 Beta testers and shortly after that, it will be available through the Apple App store.

Thank you for your patience, I know I haven't post much lately. This iBook writing has taken over all my other activities.

Yvon Bourque

Here are a few "Screen shots"

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