Monday, July 30, 2012

Photography is changing. It's now the media of choice for many.


 Hi Photographer friends,

In my opinion, photography for the professional photographers and advanced amateurs will continue to expand with new DSLRs and other types of digital cameras, but I believe the majority of people under 30 are going another direction completely. 

The cell phones are definitely pushing the point & shoot cameras out of the way. Cell phones are having better sensors and better glass than just a few years ago. The generation pushing us out of the way do not care much about printed photographs.  I was reminded of that the other day when my youngest daughter told me she never uses her Pentax K-r. She uses her iPhone and post photos of her life on Facebook and Instagram.

She said "Dad, I really don't use my Pentax. With the iPhone, it's like I document my whole life. I save the pictures on my hard drive, and its also saved on Instagram, plus Apple iClouds".

Instagram allows some cool photo manipulations and it's what the pushing generations are using.

I have to agree that it's a great way to document one's life and events and share it with your family, friends or the whole world if you choose to. I have two daughters and, although I talk to them often on the phone and converse with them on the net, I know what's going on in their life daily. 

We live in a great technology era, all the while the world is financially crumbling around us.

Here's some pictures I get from them. I know that these images mean nothing to you, but it's the idea that I can see my children and grandchildren growing day by day.  

Photography is changing.

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