Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday special prices for the e-books.


 Hi Photographer friends,

Starting Friday at 12:01 A.M (Started already) through Monday 11:59 P.M. the K-5 / K-5II / K-5IIs and the K-30 e-books will be discounted by 33% from the regular already low price of $14.99. That's just $9.89.   Log on the e-books e-commerce store  from this blog (right column) or directly to the e-commerce.

You can even download a sample of the e-books for free, before you make your decision of purchasing any of these very useful e-books.

Product Reviews

  1. For those who haven't read the manual 

    Posted by Paul on 19th Aug 2012
    The only ebook available for the K-5 is written in an easy to read style. Images and discussion of controls is effective. Password protection meand that I can't open the ebook on my ereader. Would be great to be able to do that...

  2. Learn what the official manual won't tell you 

    Posted by Colin Rayner on 16th Jul 2012
    I purchased my first DSLR and struggled to learn how to use it other than as a point and shoot, while relying on the Pentax manual that camera with it. Then I came across this eBook and finally was able to start using the excellent directions within. I recommend it to anyone who wants to use the K-5 as it should be. First Class

  3. finally 

    Posted by Ulrich Schwenk on 4th Jun 2012
    I'm not a native speaker but I try to give a feedback in english. I had only some peeks into the book but gosh everything is there!
    At last also the issue is mentioned which frustrated me at the beginning of my digital photographic life.
    Here is the first book which has a whole chapter about FRONT/BACK-focus and explains how to deal with.
    Thank you very much from the old world (Germany)

  4. DemcMpCPPGgap 

    Posted by Jayan on 8th Sep 2011
    I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for potisng this!

Product Reviews

  1. get useful tips and tricks 

    Posted by Klemi on 18th Sep 2012
    If you want to have more fun with your K30 get this eBook.
    You can of course read the usermanual from the first to the last page but you will not get that much information and useful tips from a pro.
    Easy to read and to understand at a fair price.

    Cheers Klemi

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

A Password is not longer necessary each time you open the e-book.

A Password is not longer necessary each time you open the e-book.

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