Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Picture of Ruby's behind taken with my Pentax K-5. Hi Photographer friends,

This is Ruby (above). She 's got a big rear end! She replaced Miss Peggy (left). I had Miss Peggy for several years and many of my pictures were taken because she brought me to impossible places. It was a good time. Now, Ruby is going to tow this new House/Photo Studio that I finally saved enough to get. I will get possession of the Fifth Wheel on December 5th. I have been saving for years and purchased it five months ago with a big down payment and monthly payments until fully paid. December 5th is the big day. The rig will not be as agile as the Jeep, but it will be able to carry us to much farther places. I can guaranty that we will be gone every weekend in the coming summer. This will not stop my photography; it will make it easier to get away.

The k-5 and I went out today for a photo shoot of Ruby.

Ruby is much stronger than the Jeep, with a 7.3 Liter Diesel engine.
In addition to being a full size Pickup, Ruby has room for four people.
The dual rear wheels set-up allows her to carry enormous weight.
If only I could afford the Ranch where the photos were taken!
I cannot even afford the entrance gate.
The southern California San Bernardino Mountains are a great background.
This is the Fifth Wheel. Her name is "Tuesday". Together they form "Ruby Tuesday".
All the comfort of home, tagging along with us. Next summer will be great.

You will hear more about my Pentax cameras and "Ruby Tuesday" in the future. We will become best friends. I love photography, I love camping, I love traveling, so my blog will reflect all of my passions in the future..and then some.

Thanks for reading.
Yvon Bourque

P.S. Thank you for everyone that purchased my e-books during this Thanksgiving weekend. The K-5 and K-30 e-books sold in greater numbers that any other weekend before. Pentax e-books on sale here.

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