Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Focus on my daughters . Today: Marisa's photographic eye.


Hi Photographer friends,

I have two daughters, and both are talented in different ways. Marisa, the youngest, has an incredible eye for people / candid photography. Unlike me, she isn't too much concerned about the technical aspect of photography. In fact, she isn't concerned at all. She does have a Pentax DSLR, but most often take images from her cell phone. You know what they say...The best camera is the one you have with you.
Her pictures tell a story. That's more than I can say of my own pictures. Yes I am very technical and picky about what equipment I use, and I understand a lot about the craft of photography, but most of my images are landscapes. These are a dime a dozen. Marisa's pictures are priceless. Good job Marisa..
(In the next few day, I will post about my other daughter, Sabrina, who has an incredible gift as a righter. She has several published books .)

Here are some of Marisa's pictures.




 Thank you for reading,
Yvon Bourque

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