Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This is why we never turn Pentax rumors into "facts" on this site.


Hi Photographer friends,

RiceHigh blog site, that has been calling itself the best Pentax blog on the internet for years, really screwed up this time. This guy is know by the Pentax community to be a little strange. He claims he is a Pentax enthusiast and supporter, but always post negativity toward Pentax products.

Anyway, he got hold of some unfounded news about new Pentax cameras being introduced and put all his trust in a rumor. He even posted a clock counting down to the release of 5 cameras.

Shame on you.

His opening statement:

What Internet Contents that Could be Trusted BTW?

Obviously not his!

A few weeks ago, he posted that he wanted to have the credits whenever someone was taking something from his site and publishing it on their site.

The Credits for this article is to RiceHigh's Pentax Blog.

You can read all on his site by clicking on the images below.


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