Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Changing colors...Changing mood. - Pentax K-3 with DA*60-250mm

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 Hi Photographer friends,

The same image can sometime evoke different feelings.You can change the mood of your images within the K-3 or use after market software to do so. In this post, I used Adobe Lightroom 5. 

There is a whole section of photographers that think post processing is some sort of cheating. If you remove any important portion of a scene, be it a person or an important object, it could be perceived as cheating because the final image does not represent what you and the camera saw. By the same logic, you cannot add items that weren't in the image to begin with. 

This is especially true when shooting in a photo-journalistic way. It is in goodwill that you should show or publish the image as taken.

If you are shooting in a artistic way, all bets are off. You can change anything you want to make the image look the way you had perceived it to look to begin with. Photography is not only a recording media, it's also a paint brush. You paint with light. In doing so, you can change tonality, clarity, and all other attributes associated with your image. That's not cheating, that's art. By changing elements of your image, you can change the mood. A bright color image can project happy moments frozen in time. A black and white rendition can remind you of days gone by. A sepia or antique overtone can remind you of a dear one that uses to take picture when you were young, with the equipment available in that era.

The possibilities are endless. Experience new ways.

Beautiful sunny day in the country side.

Antique representation, reminding me of my father's old pictures.

Sepia tones...it has a special beauty of its own.

B&W are still popular nowadays because it makes your eyes scan the entire image
since we don't naturally see in B&W.

You're not just a photographer, you are an artist.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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