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I'm turning another page of my life, but I'm not ever abandoning photography or my Pentax equipment.


 Hi Photographer friends,

If you followed my blog for the last seven years, you might remember that one of my first hobby, beside photography, was four wheeling with a 1988 Jeep YJ that I restored. I had named her " Ms. Peggy". I loved the Jeep because it also provided me with a way to go just about anywhere to take pictures. In 2011, I reluctantly sold the Jeep and got my first travel trailer with the idea in mind of using it to go places for short periods of time and take pictures. 

This is my 1988 Jeep YJ, named "Ms. Peggy".
The Jeep brought me and my Pentax camera system
 to locations otherwise unreachable.

The setup provided me with shelter, and everything I needed to print or publish my images.  I enjoyed that venture a lot and we indeed drove to many locations and took a lot of pictures. I traded the Jeep for a Chevy pickup and a used travel trailer.It turned out that a trailer was an ideal place to write and publish my e-books. Internet was available almost everywhere and all my computer gear and photography equipment came along with me. 

My ole Chevy and my first travel trailer that
 I restored inside and out. It was a fun project.

It served as my Photography studio and office for a while.
Although we didn't travel very far with it, this RV was helpful
in getting acquainted with the life style.

I liked it so much that on the second year, we decided to upgrade to a newer RV and a bigger Pickup truck. So I bought a 28 foot Road Ranger Fifth Wheel. The sales person assured me that my Chevy pickup with a 350 cu engine and four wheel drive would be plenty strong to pull the RV. WRONG! So I had to sell the Chevy and finally got a Ford F350 dually with a 7.3 Liter diesel engine. That certainly did the trick. In July of 2013, I decided to retire and travel the Country in search of adventures and locations to take pictures in a photojournalist way. My spouse was not that enthusiastic as me but she accepted the challenge. The first year was wonderful. We travel from California to Florida and several places in between. Then we headed up North-East almost to New-York. Again we visited many Cites along the way. On our way down South, we realized that a 28 foot Fifth Wheel RV is great but still a little cramped. Once in Jacksonville, Florida, we traded the RV for a much bigger Fifth Wheel. 

My first Fifth Wheel RV.  This is when we actually decided
 to plan our retirement as full time RVers.
We traveled half the Country with this RV. We have made memories
for a life time. We also met wonderful people
and made new friends all over the Country.
I had my own little office in it. An office with a view.
Most of my e-books were written while on the road.
We traded for a 35 foot Alpenlite Fifth Wheel with three slide-outs. The actual length, front to end , actually measured more like 37 feet. This thing is, like home with plenty of space. It has a home size shower, washer and dryer, three flat screen TVs, including one that can be watched from an outside compartment, electric fireplace, etc. There is plenty of room for my photographic equipment and computers. This unit is self-contained and  setup to stay just about anywhere for extended periods of time. So we left Florida toward the end of the summer and headed back to California for the upcoming winter. We are in the Temecula valley for the winter. It's a great area and the weather is perfect.

This is where the complications started. My wife has developed some health issues through the years and now this nomadic life is becoming harder for her. This is where another page of my life is turning. The traveling setup will be sold and we will settle in a brick & Mortar home.

That's when we made a leap-of-faith
and got a much bigger setup
I will miss this period
and I have nothing but good memories of this trip.
I even have another office within the RV space.
That's life! However, I am not abandoning photography, and will continue using my good Pentax equipment. I am not quitting RVing all together. I will get a smaller travel trailer and a smaller vehicle to tow it with. Our trips will now be for a few days or weeks at a time, and not across the Country. We will established ourselves somewhere close to California, Nevada and Arizona. The weather is ideal and there are so many National Parks and interesting places to visit and photograph. Think of Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest,  Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and so on.

I see a future full of adventures and photographic opportunities.
The road ahead is promising. I need ti live to one hundred...
So in the end, unless something really bad happens, I am just modifying the approach to my passion. I have to tell you that travelling with a big rig, the camping fees, the fuel, the food, the tolls, etc aren't cheap. 

Thank you for reading.

Yvon Bourque

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