Saturday, January 17, 2015

We are now officially residents of Big Bear Lake, California. Here's a few images taken with the Pentax K-3 and the DA* 16-50mm.


 Hi Photographer friends,

We finally settled in and today was our first outing. We just drove across the lake, stopped by the Big Bear Lake Discovery Center and walked along the beach.  We ended our mini-trek at Starbuck.

I spoke with a ranger at the Discovery Center and learned that Bald Eagles were making Big Bear Lake their home in the winters. The reason is that moist of them live up North in the summer, all the way to Northern Canada, and when the lakes freeze over, they travel south. Big Bear Lake is at around 7,000 ft elevation and the lake doesn't freeze. They are approximately 30 Bald Eagles around the lake. Next week, we will participate in counting Bald Eagles that are around the lake. They will drive us at a location where the eagles have been seen before.  There will be dozens of us all around the lake, spotting them.

Big Bear Lake As many as 30 eagles winter around this and other nearby mountain lakes in the San Bernardino Mountains. They typically arrive in November from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Canada and Alaska, heading to Big Bear, Silverwood and Arrowhead lakes and staying until early April. Starting in December, the Big Bear Discovery Center offers guided van tours around Big Bear Lake to at least 10 spots where the birds nest and hunt. 
Info: (909) 382-2790,


I think I'm going to love this place. Nature is all around us and I can only imagine what photo opportunities awaits.

The Ski resort on the South side of the lake.
There is no pollution at that elevation.
Billboard for lovers
Tall grass, fresh water and blue sky
We named her Ruby!
A neighbor taking a walk.
She has a permanent smile since we moved here.
Our house is about where she points at.
Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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