Monday, January 12, 2015

** (Update) ** Why do PENTAX specific forums disallow the posting of e-books availability for Pentax specific cameras?


 Hi Photographer friends,


Following up to this post, a reader suggested that I should put my e-books for sale on the "Market" section of PentaxForums. I did and also received this PM from  them also:

I just wanted to let you know that our Marketplace policy disallows commercial posts such as your book promo threads without Marketplace Reseller Access.  Since I wasn't able to help you promote the book after our discussion last year, though, and since I know you're on a budget, I will go ahead and make an exception to this rule and permit you to have one thread promoting your books.

That's being a true Pentaxian.

Thank you Adams

I appreciate this and , I'm sure, many Pentax DSLR users appreciate this as well.

I once held the Pentax 645, and wish I could afford one. 
Now, the 645Z is out and it's even better. I will probably 
never write an e-book about it because (A) Most people
that purchase one are Professional Photographers and (B)
I cannot afford to get my hands on one.

For seven years now, I have written and published e-books for all the Pentax DSLRs, with the exception of the Pentax 645/645z and the K-s1. 

I understand that my e-books are not for everyone. Professional Photographers probably don't need any books.  Of all the emails I received, I get thank you notes for writing the e-books and most often, compliments on how friendly and easy-to-understand my e-books are.

I only write about Pentax cameras because I am a Pentax life-long user and I am convinced that the Pentax cameras and lenses are the best value for the money.

I am a subscriber to  all Pentax related forums, including
and many more forums and blogs.

We all have one thing in common, "PENTAX". Each Forum has a set of rules in which they forbid any marketing posts.  I have to agree with them, because before you know it, Camera Gadgets, Car Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Products, Computer Manufacturers, etc., would all be posting their products. However, I see that most do have "Google Ads" or other "Pay-per-click" advertisement on their sites. It is a way to earn money and I see nothing really wrong with it, although I do not have any of that sort of advertisement on my blog.

What I find regrettable, is that I cannot talk about my e-books on any of these sites, although I am strictly Pentax. You, the readers, are allowed to talk about my e-books, but not I.  I find that unfortunate, because what I do helps PENTAX users and nobody else. I am not the enemy, I am a friend.  I even offered Pentaxforums a commission if they would advertise my e-books for the Pentax DSLRs. At first, everything was very promising, but then Adams wanted to collect the money on PentaxForums and have the actual e-book files on his database. My sales book was open for verification, but I couldn't bring myself into giving all my hard work to someone else. It's too bad, because  more Pentax users would have been able to benefit from an e-book for their specific camera.

You can find all kind of helpful books, videos and e-books for Nikon and Canon, but there are nothing for the Pentax brand. I am pretty much the only source. It is obvious that there is a lot of money to be made in writing material about the Nikon and Canon brands, but I am a Pentax user to the core. I am not living off my e-book sales. I would be really poor if my e-books were my sole source of revenue. I do it basically because I love photography and I love Pentax. The money generated allows me to purchase the cameras as they are introduced so that I can write my e-books soon after a new camera is released.

There, you have it, the way I feel about the whole thing.  It looks to me like all of us, Pentax Users, would stick and help each other, but the reality is different.

Thank you for reading my rants.

Yvon Bourque

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