Friday, October 23, 2015

Actual pictures of the upcoming Pentax Full Frame DSLR., What's new and size comparison.


 Hi Photographer friends,

An actual Pentax Full Frame DSLR was shown under glass at the Photo Plus

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I enhanced them in Lightroom for a better rendition. It looks like the images were taken with very high ISO.

The picture above was taken from DP Review. You can check their post here.

The picture above shows some new features that appear to be on the upcoming Full Frame DSLR.
There seems to be five User Defined settings on the Mode Dial. A new Dial for direct access to the ISO, CH/CL?,Bracketing, HDR, Grid, Shake Reduction, Cropping (Full Frame or APS-C), Wi-Fi. The same rotary dial seems to have a separate locking device to switch to Still or Video. The Screen looks like it is build very solid and allows all movements.
There is a giant button or dial beside the LCD Panel, but I can't figure out what it will be for. The LCD Panel is smaller, but all the information is also available when looking on the screen or through the Viewfinder.

Here is the size comparison compared to the K-3

Well...It looks like we will get an articulated screen, Wi-Fi capability, built-in GPS, a new dial atop for quick setting of ISO, Bracketing, Wi-Fi, etc. 

You can see the additional buttons and dials on the camera shown on the images, indicating more professional features than the previous Pentax DSLRs.

This is going to be an awesome DSLR.

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