Monday, March 28, 2016

Thank you to all the people that purchased one of my e-books.


The K-1 e-book coming soon.

 Hi Photographer friends,

Thank you to everyone that purchased one of my e-books. Nobody was ever disappointed with one of my e-books. I strive to please everyone. The e-books are very user's friendly and Professional photographers might not enjoy the e-books as much as entry-level to advanced amateurs, but I am confident that there is something for everyone, even Professional photographers. None of us ever stop learning.

I thought I would attach some of the comments received during the past few weeks only. You might be able to purchase any of my e-books directly through pentaxforums soon. I have been talking with Adam, and we might even have a column where we can talk about the e-books, questions and answers, suggestions for upcoming e-books, etc.

Hi Yvon,

Thank you very much! I like your book very much and I look forward to getting the K1 version when it's finished - and when I've saved up for a K1, of course.

All the best,
Already got it, have read it and am extremely pleased with the information found in the book.
Thank you for this service ... Ricoh should hire you to do their manuals for them, God knows they have no clue on how to write them.

Again, thanks for an import service and fine product you provide us Pentaxians.

My Best,

Dave Pierce (45yr Pentax Vet)
Yreka, CA 96097 

I downloaded the e-books with the link in the mail without problems. 
Now is time for a new K-1 e-book 
Thank you Yvon.
Hi Yvon
I recently purchased the Pentax K3 Camera and your E book. Thanks for a great book very informative
Clive Haslehurst

Thank you kindly for sending the file, which did come through. I was able to download this PDF in its entirety without any difficulty.

Your e-books come highly recommended by my local camera shop, so I look forward to reading this manual...

I trust it will assist me in strengthening my technical skills, which admittedly are weak.

Thank you again!

Colleen Kleinhenz

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