Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ricoh/Pentax contest for a Pentax K-1 ended today.

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 Hi Photographer friends,

Pentax contest to win a new Pentax K-1 ended today. The winner will be announced on April 26th. Just like everyone, I would like to win the camera. The following is what I entered. 

I have taken photographs with Pentax cameras since I was a teenager. My first serious camera was a Pentax Spotmatic, a 35mm film format camera, purchased used when I was still in Junior High. Many, many years later, we have the PENTAX K-1, a Full Frame DSLR. It is probably the best Full Frame DSLR today. It is also the most affordable of its kind. Although Pentax is now owned by Ricoh, the core values of the brand remains as it always has, an innovative brand.

In 2003, Pentax introduced their first marketable DSLR, the *ist-D. I was thrilled. Note that I wrote marketable…because in 2000, Pentax had announced a Full Frame DSLR during the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany. It was to be named the MZ-D. It was later demonstrated to the press during the 2001 PMA show in Orlando, Florida. In 2003, the venture was cancelled. The sensor, manufactured by Philips, did not achieved the expected image quality. Fortunately for us, Pentax survived, but it delayed the production of their DSLR cameras. Just imagine, Pentax could have been ahead of most current manufacturers, by introducing a Full Frame DSLR in 2000. Oh well, this was then and this is now.

The K-1 is the best Full Frame DSLR I could ever have imagined. It makes me wonder if there is ever going to be a plateau for image quality.Image quality cannot surpass what we see with our eyes, and it’s already there, I think.

Everything changed again in 2006 when Pentax introduced the K10D. In my opinion, the K10D was a breakthrough. It had the capabilities of Professional DSLRs with the price of entry-level DSLRs. It had some unique features found nowhere else, at any price.

Fast forward to 2016, the core values haven’t changed, but the tools have improved exponentially. The K-1 has a 36.2MP CMOS sensor without anti-aliasing filter, a 100% pentaprism viewfinder, a 33 point AF system in which 25 are cross-type, pixel shift resolution, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, revolutionary tilt LCD screen, and more. Again, it has some unique features found nowhere, else at any price.

I love Pentax so much that in 2006, I started writing e-books for all the Pentax DSLRs.

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