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Update from 2008. Ninety-four years old Pentaxian from Maryland.

Update from 2008.  Eighty-six  Ninety-four years old Pentaxian hiking on the mountains of Maryland.

In 2008, my daughter met this gentleman, Mr. Thomas Canapp, while hiking at the Rock's State Park in Maryland. Today Mr. Canaap purchased the e-book for the Pentax K-3. He updated to the K-3 recently. This makes Mr. Canapp 94 years young.  While writing this blog, Mr.Canapp called me for some instructions to download the e-book. I feel privileged to have him as a client. I can only hope that I will follow his trail when I'm 94.

Pentax should give him a new K-1 for his loyalty to the brand. Mr. Canaap told me that these days, he likes to take macro photographs. Hopefully, I will be able to get some of his pictures and post them here.

Mr. Canaap, you are an inspiration to me.

Hi Pentax friends,

My daughter has recently moved to Maryland. This past weekend, she and her boyfriend, Matthiew, went on a hike in Rock State Park, MD. From what I understand, it was spectacular, especially with the autumn colors.

In searching the Internet, I found this: Maryland's second highest free-falling waterfall is located on the Falling Branch of Deer Creek in northern Harford County. The falls were well known to local native Americans and settlers, but in recent times the area was relatively unknown because the land was privately owned. Through the work of citizens groups, businesses, schools and government agencies the Falling Branch Area was added to Rocks State Park in 1993 and open to the public. Here are two pictures, (photographer unknown), of the falls.

While trekking around, she crossed path with a senior gentleman that had two Pentax cameras around his neck. (It looks like a Pentax *ist DL and a Spotmatic. I'm not sure). One DSLR and one 35mm SLR. She stopped and started a conversation with him.

Not bad for pictures taken with a cell phone!

From What I know thus far, he is eighty-six year's young. She emailed him back the next day. (See her email below). Mr. Canapp answered her tonight and will send her a panoramic image that he took of the falls. I think I will be able to know a little more about this fellow Pentaxian in a day or two. I understand that his first Pentax was given to him by his son, after the Vietnam war. His son bought it on his way back home, while he was in Japan. Mr. Canapp said he has been a Pentax fan ever since. He also has a K10D at home, but it is a little too heavy for an all day photo shoot. Here's the email:

Hi Mr. Canapp, It was very nice talking to you on Sunday. I spoke with my Dad, Yvon, regarding our conversation and the possibility of sending you a copy of the Pentax K10D book that he wrote. He agreed and thought it was really great that you have been a Pentax fan for so long In addition to writing books about cameras, my Dad also has a website called
. He writes all kinds of things that have to do with Pentax cameras and photography. He writes nearly everyday and is always looking for new topics. When I told that I met a gentleman on the side of a mountain carrying two Pentax cameras, he thought it was great. If you wouldn't mind, he would like to write a little about you. (I sent him the picture I took of you). Please visit his website and read the stories. Send him an email. As far as the k10d book goes, I will have it shipped to the address on the business card if that's okay with you. It will be coming from California, so it may take a week or so after you confirm your address. I know how rare it can be for a photographer to have a photo of himself. :) I hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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