Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Upcoming Posts on PentaxDSLRs blog

We went to Palm Springs for the weekend of October 20th. While there, I found old American Photographer magazines from the early 1980's. Pentax was really in the Pro photography then. So here's what coming in in the next several posts:

  • Pentax of the 1980's - Hopefully they will regain their status. (Photos and editiorial)
  • Photos of Palm Springs - (Photos and editiorial)
  • Electricity generating wind mills as far as you can see in Palm Springs. (Photos and editiorial)
  • Found an interview with Ansel Adams at his studio in the old American Photographers. (Photos and editiorial)
  • Writing books about Pentax DSLRS, not as easy as it looks. (Photos and editiorial)

Please come back often as these new posts will be published within the next two weeks, and undoudebly, more subjects will come up. As a rule, I will update this blog with new posts about twice per week.

Thank you,

Yvon Bourque

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