Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last day in Yosemite - Mariposa Grove, Giant trees

Today, along with the K10D and the K100D, we brought a DA 16-45mm, a DA 70mm limited, FA 35-70mm coupled with a cheap 0.25 fish eye attachment lens. Eventually, I will get the DA 10-17mm or the DA 12-24mm. You can't always get what you want...not in my world anyway.
Today was our last full day in Yosemite. We spent the day in Mariposa Grove where all of the big trees are located. This first photo is of me and my wife. We took pictures of ourselves with a super wide angle lens attachment, and that's why we have "Fish" faces.. But we always have fun taking pictures like that one every place we visit. It's sort of a tradition. The nice young couple above were visiting the Park...notice anything special? Look at the camera, it's a Pentax *ist-DL. Yeah, go Pentax.
Do you know what side of the trees moss grows? Well, in North America, it's on the North side. Moss doesn't like the sun. So remember that if you are ever lost on the woods.
That's the biggest tree in the park. It's name...Grizzly Giant. It is about 3000 years old. No, I don't remember when it was a small tree. Here are several trees close together. To germinate, Sequoia seeds have three requirements: Some direct sunlight, adequate moisture and bare mineral soil...and a few thousand years. The roots of this fallen tree gives intricate shapes. There might just be some seeds on the ground starting to germinate!
I couldn't get the tree with a regular lens. Only ultra wide angle will do, hence the distorsion. I had to take break sometime.

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures and if you ever have a chance, go visit Yosemite National Park. You can look at all the pictures in the world, there are very few places as overwhelming as Yosemite. This was my first visit, and I will come again, and again.


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