Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yosemite second day. Much better than on Thanksgiving day.

Today was so much better than our first day here. Because yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, there were too many people. Today we decided to get up early and we drove to the Curry Village, inside the park. We left our car there and took an environmental friendly bus to Happy Isle and hiked the mist trail all the way on up to Vernal Falls. At one point we had to climb about 600 vertical steps. It was well worth the sweat.

Yosemite is known all over the world and El Capitan and Half Dome are the signature of the park. However, once in the park, you realize how much more there is to see. The wildlife and breath taking sceneries are all around. While I was taking pictures, my wife had a good time taking her own pictures with her Pentax K100D and taking pictures of me taking pictures. Today, along with my Pentax K10D, I had a DA 16-45mm, a DA 50-200 and the great DA70mm f/2.4 limited. I was using a Giottos tripod.

What a great day this was. I hope you enjoy the pictures and don’t hesitate to leave me your comments. I am writing this post on my laptop, in our hotel room. The laptop is much slower than my home computer and I am having a hard time to load the pictures, but I managed to include a few of today's pictures.

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Yvon Bourque
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