Friday, April 11, 2008

Pentax Photo Gallery nominated for Webby Award.

Mr. Ned Bunnell...He's the man.

Hi fellow Pentaxians and friends,

I spend a great deal of time promoting the virtues of Pentax products, on my blog site and everywhere else I meet someone interested in photography. If someone is not fascinated with digital photography, I usually start a conversation about it. I am obsessed with photography and the whole line of Pentax cameras and lenses. I’m probably a good definition of what a Pentaxian is. Fortunately, I am not alone and the group of Pentaxians is growing rapidly. I spent my entire adult life using Pentax products and I always got more for my hard earned money than from any other manufacturer. This is still true today and a new generation of photographers and enthusiasts are discovering Pentax everyday.

Ever since Mr. Ned Bunnell was promoted to President of Pentax USA, the US division has taken a new prosperous direction. I have several posts on this blogsite about the changes at Pentax.(Owning a Pentax DSLR is more like being part of a family) - ( PMA08) - ( Pentax will rise again) etc. The facts are that my entire blog is about photography using Pentax equipment. It seems that the good news is spreading around and both Pentax USA and Mr. Bunnell are getting the recognition that they deserve. In case you haven’t visited the Pentax USA site lately, there is an excerpt from the site’s news at the bottom of this post.

Mr. Bunnell, Congratulation for doing such a great job and for leading Pentax to new heights. I'm sure you have more great plans for Pentax and I am looking forward to growing my photographic skills right along with Pentax growth. \

Mr. Bunnell, if you happen to read this humble post sometimes, I am torned between the idea of having Pentax equipment available through outlets/mega stores such as "Best Buy", "Costco", "Circuit City", "Sams Club", etc. I like the idea of buying camera equipment through specialized camera stores because the employees are likely more experienced in photography than the clerk working in the camera section at one of the mega stores. On the other hand, there is this new generation of photographers that never heard about Pentax or perceive Pentax as a company that was in existence during their father's time. The same generation's perception of reality is more geared toward the Internet, cell phones, iPODs, and for the most part, they shop at the mega Electronic stores. Many have credit cards and accounts at these stores. Would that help with sales or hurt the Pentax Image? Would that help with sales and also promote the products to the new generation?

Thanks for reading and GO PENTAX!

Yvon Bourque



GOLDEN, CO. (April 8, 2007)….The 12th Annual Webby Awards today nominated for the Best Use of Photography in a website for 2008. The site is the singular vision of Ned Bunnell, president, PENTAX Imaging Company, and a passionate photographer in his own right. The PENTAX Photo Gallery was produced and is managed by a team of PENTAX professionals and the web design firm texturemedia of Boulder, Colorado. Winners will be announced on May 6, 2008 and honored at a star-studded gala in New York City on June 10th.

Hailed as the "Oscars of the Internet” by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile websites. The Webby Awards is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a 550-person judging academy whose members include Internet co-inventor Vinton Cerf, R/GA's Chief Bob Greenberg, "Simpson's" creator Matt Groening, Arianna Huffington, and Harvey Weinstein.

"The Webby Awards honors the outstanding websites that are setting the standards for the Internet," said David-Michel Davies, executive director of The Webby Awards. "PENTAX's virtual photo gallery Webby Award nomination is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators."
“For decades, PENTAX collected the best images captured by photographers with our cameras and published the work annually in an historical, coffee table-type, book collection,” said Ned Bunnell. “We went in a new direction creating the PENTAX Photo Gallery to offer 24/7/365 virtual access to the best photography captured by Pentaxians around the world. This nomination honors the PENTAX photographers.”

From now through May 1, 2008, fans may cast their votes for Pentaxians and the online gallery in The Webby People's Voice Awards presented by Nokia at See all the nominees here under the "BEST USE OF PHOTOGRAPHY"

The 12th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from over 60 countries and all 50 states.
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