Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Articles (most viewed) from pentaxdslrs in 2008

Hi Pentaxian friends,

Ever since David Letterman introduced the top ten list on his late night show, it seems that top ten lists of just about everything can be found just about everywhere. Who am I to break such tradition? I reviewed all the articles posted on this blog for 2008 and I too have a list of our top ten (most viewed) articles.

I don't necessarily think that these were our best articles, but the viewers have spoken. Here's the list, in order of popularity:

1- PART-1. Autofocus Adjustment for the Pentax K20D, Custom Setting No 35

2- You thought you couldn't use any DA/DA* lenses on future full frame DSLRs from Pentax? Well...think again. (See Update) By: Yvon Bourque


4- Owning a Pentax DSLR is more like being part of a family.

5- Don't Get Hung Up on the Pixels, Look at the Big Picture!

6- Do You Really Need a Full-Frame Camera? Article by: Miserere

7-The Pentax System Family Picture.

8- Peter Feldstein's Oxford Project

9- Daniel Gutierrez, 9 Years Old and Already an Enthusiast Pentax Shooter

10- How to use the Pentax AF-540-FGZ & AF-360-FGZ in wireless mode (Reprise).

Here's my personal top ten list of DSLR for 2008 (All based on value for the money):

1- Pentax K20D

2- Pentax K20D

3- Pentax K20D

4- Pentax K20D

5- Pentax K20D

6- Pentax K20D

7- Pentax K20D

8- Pentax K20D

9- Pentax K20D

10- Pentax K20D

I hesitated a little with No. 9 and No. 10. It was a tie.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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