Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life's a Beach! with or without a K-7. Pentax K-7 Viral Tour, August 6, 2009, Redondo Beach, California.

Our Hosts, John Carlson, Mark Dimalanta, Carolyn Pitcavage and Ned Bunnell.
Everyone participated in discussions.

Here's Mark showing us something new...

This can be very serious learning experiences.

Hermosa Beach from the Boardwalk. That guy saw me taking the pictures and asked me to sell him the pictures!

Adults take their bikes to the beach.

Children do the same...and safely.

Volley Ball tournament for the weekend.

Practicing before the real game.

The Santa Monica Pier.

We all loved this when we were children.

Santa Monica restaurants, amusements and rides on the Pier.

I'm moving in the second house, on the top floor...as soon as I win the lottery.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Last Thursday, August 6th, I attended the Pentax K-7 Viral Tour in Redondo beach, California. I had a chance to converse with Ned Bunnell (President Pentax USA ), John Carlson ( Mgr product Mktg and Support), Carolyn Pitcavage (Organizer of the Viral tour) and Mark Dimalanta (Pentax photographer " Inspirationalist Pentaxian" specializing in Surfing photography. I also met many Pentax users and enjoyed the camaraderie amongst other Pentaxians.

Pentax's head office is located in Colorado but Ned and Mark live on the coast of Southern California. Ned lives in San Clemente and Mark, in Huntington Beach, although both have to be away from their home most of the time for business. I have lived all across this country, and I always like to return to the Southern California Beaches as often as I can. It's special over here. It's not just the sand and water, it's the people, it's the way of life, it's the way most ride their bikes to the beach, it's the food, the boardwalks, the smell of salty air, etc. If you've been here, you know what I'm talking about. If you have not, you need to come and visit.

There's always something going on. We had to drive a couple of hours to get here and decided to spend most of the weekend here. Actually, we drove home going north along the Pacific from Redondo Beach. The photo opportunities are plentiful. Our last Beach Town was Santa Monica where we had lunch at the promenade and took a stroll on the famous Santa Monica Pier. Like most, we have real jobs and had to be back to work by Monday morning, but we had so much fun that we are talking a four-day break this coming weekend and going back to the beach. This time we are going to Pacific Beach, near San Diego. I hope to have some good pictures to share with you next week.

If you can attend a Pentax K-7 viral Tour stop, I urge you to go. Play hookie, and go. You might even win a new Pentax K-7.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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