Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pentax K-7 "Everything you need to know...and then some." e-book available NOW.

I finally completed the K-7 e-Book : Pentax K-7 "Everything you need to know...and then some." I am offering it as a downloadable e-book at the present and if the demand is big enough, I may offer it in printed form, although it has gotten so expensive to make printed books. It is now available at a price of $10.00. It has much more information in it than my previous books, but the K-7 has so much more to offer. I have many more color pictures and illustration, to help grasping the functions of the K-7, than in my previous books. Although a good part of the book is specifically about the K-7, there is a good amount of generic photographic "how to", lessons and color examples.

K-7 e-book now available.

You can purchase it from this site. Click "Buy Now" located in the right column, just below the picture of the Pentax K-7 book cover.====>>>

If you purhase the book I would appreciate your feedback.

Hi Pentaxian friends.

You can email me if you have any questions or to comment on the book. Your feedback is very important to me. Enter subject: K-7 Book.
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