Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sony Announces the NEX-VG10, interchangeable lens Digital HD Video Camera with an APS sized CMOS sensor.

14.2 megapixels still pictures in up to 7fps!
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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Now that's what I'm talking about. I, personally, am not all that crazy about DSLRs with Video capabilities. Let Still cameras do what they do best and let Video Cameras do what they do best. Jacks of all trades are sacrifying either the Still capabilities or the Video capabilities, or both. This introduction is a game changer. I wish Pentax would get something similar, for the videographers, but I don't think Pentax will venture in dedicated Video Cams.

That's okay, I do Still images and Pentax is very good at that and getting better all the time. Pentax Pancake lenses are the best. There will probably be an adapter to use the Pentax Lenses on this new Video Cam soon.

Check this complete press release on Image Insider:

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