Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you like what I do or if you like my e-books or the new Aletta Stabilizer, I need all the help I can get.


To be used with smart phones. The QR code above is just an example of things to come, and this particular code brings you to this website. Imagine that you include a QR code on your business cards, people with smart phones (they will all be smart phones soon) will be able to scan the code from your business card and be transfered to your website  for more details of your business or whatever you want to display on the Internet.
Hi Pentaxian friends.

If you noticed, other than my own e-books or the AlettA Equipment, I do not display any Google ads or ask for donations or subscription fees. The Internet is full of free information, so for me, I chose to keep my blogs simple and uncluttered, so that my readers would like to come back. From the beginning, I refused to clutter up my site with the Google ads and third party advertisements. Of course, I miss the revenues that many sites gain from using part of their pages as a billboard, but that's just me. There is nothing wrong in advertising, and make a little profit for one's effort in writing and operating a blog site. If you look at the right side of my blog, I keep a list of other photography sites, links that I find interesting and think you will find interesting as well.

Lately, I tried to promote some interesting sites and started the "Site of the day" although I don't feature one everyday. If you have a site that you think readers would enjoy, yours or someone else, email me the link and if I think my regular readers would be interested, I will feature it.

I welcome your comments on anything I write, but we do screen comments for offensive language and trolling.

Speaking of comments, I participate in most of the forums and often give my opinion on whatever is being discussed. I also start threads when I think it would be interesting for all. The one thing I can't do, is advertise my e-books or AlettA products.  This is where I could use your help. It's wrong for me to write about my products but it's okay for someone else to suggest or write about my e-books or my AlettA Stabilizer on forums. I see that many have suggested my free Front/Back focus Charts, as I get about 200 or more downloads of the Charts everyday, and that has been going on for almost four years. After all, readers visit these sites to exchange ideas about photography and equipment. It's okay to advertise the camera makers but wrong to do so for third party equipment.

So, if you purchased one of my e-book, or the AlettA Stabilizer, or just like to read my blogs, I would be more than grateful if you would give your opinion about them on forums and other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

I like having this blog, although I often misspell words or write in the "Franglish"  (Combination on French and English) language.

Merci very much for stopping by,

Yvon Bourque

Free Front/Back Focusing Charts.

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