Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it just me? It seems that there is less traffic on photo blogs and forums.


Hi Pentaxian friends.

Is it just me or is it a factual new trend? I follow about one hundred blogs and forums related to Digital Photography. In the past six months or so, I noticed a decline in visitors and interactive comments. I'm not talking about my blog, I'm talking about all blogs in general. Even the most popular sites have less comments, or threads (in the case of forums).

Are people more engaged in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter? I belong to both, and once in a while, I do find interesting sites on Twitter. As for Facebook, it has become more of a soap box central than anything else, and beside, I don't really care what people have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My favorite site for photography is, and of course their Pentax Forum section. They have something for everyone and for every make of cameras. Then again, the Pentax forum is not as active as it once was. Certainly, not everyone has learned everything there is to know about photography, did they? If they have, I missed the boat as I still have a lot to learn.

Maybe the traffic has moved to another media, and if it has, can someone tell me where? I just got a new cell phone, and I opted to get the new iPhone 4 from Verizon. I was nearing the end of my two year contract and was able to get the iPhone at a very reasonable price. I already had unlimited minutes and Internet, so it's a good deal. I have been downloading Apps by the dozens and there are indeed quite a bit of information about photography. Is that what people are  using now?Are we getting even more isolated?

 I love the iPad 2 and will be getting one as soon as I save enough money to purchase one. I will get the Wi-Fi version as my Verizon iPhone also serves as a WI-Fi Personal Hotspot  for up to five additional devices. Of course, at home I will use Wi-Fi already installed on my network.

So the question remains, Is it just me or is there a new trend of communication?

Thanks for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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