Thursday, April 21, 2011

Site of the day...Slow shutter speed photography using Neutral Density (ND) filters


Hi Pentaxian friends.

I have been talking a lot about slow shutter speed photography this past week. I found another site that explains very clearly how to achieve those slow shutter photographs even in broad daylight. Cambridge in Colour has many valuable lessons, tips and tricks of the trade and a wealth of information to help you be a better photographer. I am a subscriber to their site and today, I want to share it with you.

Using Neutral Density (ND) Filters

ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera, enabling a longer exposure time than otherwise possible. This can emphasize motion, or make an otherwise tumultuous scene appear surreal and quiescent. Alternatively, an ND filter also enables larger apertures, which can produce a shallower depth of field, or achieve a sharper photo. Either way, this is a useful and often under-appreciated filter that deserves a deeper look. Click this link to learn more.

Want to be a better photographer? Look at other photographer images and learn from them. Study the compositions and mimic what you see for a while. It won't be all that long that you will develop your own style.

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