Monday, August 8, 2011

Overnight at Joshua Tree National Park. I was up all night. Amazing Place.

That's a real Rattle Snake looking at me and ready to pounce on me.

Joshua tree with a stacked rock formation behind.
Joshua tree making an arch like an entrance to the park.
Although not all of my night sky shots came out as I has wished, the sky was amazing and undisturbed by city lights.

We grilled porterhouse steaks and kept warm with a nice fire.

These two crows looked like they owned the place!

The morning after, looking at my images on my iPad 2. Decisions, decisions...


Hi Photographer  friends,

We spent last night at Joshua Tree National Park, me and my stepson Donovan. I have been wanting to take some pictures, especially night skies images, for a long time. The sky is incredible there as it is not polluted by city lights.

I didn't sleep but for a few hours, so I'm very tired tonight and will not go through all of my images just yet. I will post more on Joshua Tree this coming week with more pictures. I just wanted to upload some images so that you could have an idea of what this wonderful park has to offer for photographers, campers, climbers and nature people.

Good night,

Yvon Bourque
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