Monday, November 28, 2011

Keepers or duds?

Hi Photographer friends,
I’ve been shooting for more years than I care to admit. Let me just say that my first good camera was a Pentax Spotmatic, when they could still be purchased new. That said, my shoe boxes full of memories are in a closet and will likely only be revisited by my children when I’m pushing daisies.

I embraced digital photography from the day Digital cameras were available. Yep! I started with a Sony Mavica, then several Nikon Coolpix cameras and finally went back to my preferred brand, Pentax. Pentax has always built excellent cameras and they have been at the leading edge of technology for more than fifty years. No…they’re not the top seller, but they are the best bang for the buck.

My first Pentax DSLR was the *ist-D, then the K100D, and the K10D, the K20D, the K-x, the K-7, the K-r and currently the K-5. I acquired a lot of images with my digital cameras and have thousands of saved image files on my hard drives.

I have written several books on photography, all from the point-of-view of using Pentax equipment. I’ve given myself a new project; I am going to retrieve what I consider my best shots, tweak them with today’s more advanced Photoshop, and present one image a day. The subjects are going to be all over the map. What I’m looking for is comments about these images.

Keeper or dud?
Worthy of enlargement and framing?
Could it be incorporated in a future book?
Could I sell that image to the public?
Should that particular image be available through a Stock Photography Agency, and so on?
Comments are not always pleasant, but they let you know what other people think.

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