Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's photographs tend to be a little over saturated...but most people see that as clearer photographs.


Hi Pentaxian friends.

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that photographs are, more often than not, over saturated these days. It is so much that way that camera makers over saturate their JPEG images right out of the camera.  To top it off, reviewers praise manufacturers for doing so and condemn the brands that produces natural looking images, calling them soft. I think they confuse natural looking images with soft looking images. If you read this, you likely use Pentax equipment which has always been accused of producing soft images in JPEG mode out of the camera. (We, Pentax users, all know that the saturation and clarity and numerous other presets are left for us to change... to our taste.)

Who am I to make judgment on what the general public like or perceive as being a great image or clear image? I look at images on various forums and some of the pictures are so over saturated that they look like someone poured varnish over them. I find myself doing the same at time. Images should look like our human eyes see them. If the real world would look like some images posted on various sites, we would have to wear shades all the time.

As captured by the camera

Over saturated

Under saturated

As captured by the camera
Over saturated

Under saturated
That said, if over saturation is viewed as an artistic expression, maybe you should try under saturation for a different artistic expression.  The images herein were taken with  Pentax cameras and each set has an image as produced by the camera, one over saturated and one under saturated. All images are good images in my opinion, they just convey different feelings. What do you think?

Best Regards,

Yvon Bourque

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mini vacation in Palm Springs and Anza-Borrego Desert with Pentax K-5, K-7, K-x and K-r.


Pentaxian friends.

My brother and his wife visited us this past week. We took advantage of their visit and spent four days in Palm Springs and visited the Wind Farm.. While there we also drove to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. We had a good time, although I broke my K-5 by dropping it on the ground, with the telephoto lens hitting first and tearing the k-mount completely off the camera.

I will write more about the vacation, the K-5 and pictures we took, but I thought I would just post some pictures tonight.

First morning in Palm Springs, on our way to the Wind Turbines.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5
The sun peeping through the clouds and dark skybehind  gave us some unique opportunities.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5

How lucky can we get, a rainbow to top it off.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5

Second day, 7:00 A.M, entering the Anza-Borrego Desert State park.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5

The cactus were in bloom.
© Yvon Bourque - K-7

And so were most of the wild flowers, however, we had to get off the paved roads.
© Yvon Bourque - K-7

Look at what we found; The famous  "Great Road Runner", roaming around for food!
© Roland Bourque - K-x

I'm not a "Birder", but this one was pretty. Anyone knows what it's called?
© Yvon Bourque - K-7
it's an adult male Bullock's Oriole. More info here:
Contributed b yMiserere...Thank you.

What a nice Church, in the middle of the desert.
© Roland Bourque - K-x

We were being watched. These are wild dogs that people just leave behind. We couldn't approach them.
© Roland Bourque - K-x

P.S. The AlettA DSLR Stabilizer will be available sometime early April. I have my first big order scheduled for delivery to me next week.  I won't advertize it again before I get them in my hands.

Coming soon...

Best Regards,
Yvon Bourque

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you for your patience and support. INTRODUCING THE "ALETTA DSLR STABILIZER".


Hi Pentaxian friends.

There are numerous things that have bothered me for years when using my DSLRs.  I looked everywhere for  an all inclusive type of solution but could not find any. Eventually, I designed something to fix the problems or inconveniences. For the last year, photographer friends and family told me to patent my invention and to market it. Several Pentax employees I met at various shows told me the same. I'm finally doing it.

Here are the problems or inconveniences I am alluding to:

  • 1.  When using a telephoto or long zoom lens, the camera cannot stand in the upright position when laying it down on a flat surface.  This has caused many broken or scratched lens hoods and even scratches on the camera body.



This has caused many broken or scratched lens hoods and even scratches on the camera body. While some telephotos have tripod mounts, these are mostly for distributing the weight evenly.  They are rarely tall enough to protect the camera, or the lens itself, when resting the camera/lens on a table or other surface.
The Aletta  DSLR Stabilizerresolvesthat problem. 



  •   2. Sometimes I like a camera strap around my neck and sometimes I like a hand grip. A hand grip secures the camera in your hand and is super convenient when shooting events or in a fast pace environment. The problem with current hand grips is that the part that fits under your camera covers about half of the body preventing you from laying the camera flat. They are also very unstable when setting the camera on a tripod while keeping the hand grip installed.

The problem with current hand grips is that the part that fits under your camera covers half of the body preventing you from laying the camera flat.
The Aletta DSLR Stabilizer resolves that problem.

  • 3. I often go on photo treks and try to keep the equipment down to a minimum, while having enough for the unexpected. I always need a tripod at some point. It's easy enough to bring, let's say...a wide angle zoom lens, a normal to medium zoom lens and a medium to extreme zoom lens. What I hate the most is carrying the tripod. It's always in my way, except when I need it and then it takes times to stabilize it, extend the legs, etc.
The Aletta DSLR Stabilizer resolves that problem.
  • 4. Don't you hate it when you travel with your camera and  night time comes. You see good opportunities to take long exposures of night scenes, but you don't have your tripod with you. You try to set the camera on a tree stump or branch, a fence, a mail box, but can never stabilize the camera straight. Too often, your pictures either come out blurry or tilted.
The Aletta DSLR Stabilizer resolves that problem.
  • 5. Most newer DSLRs now have video capabilities. This opens up a whole new world. Wouldn't it be nice to have reasonably priced supports for taking videos? Wouldn't it be nice if all types of supports could be made to work together, again at a reasonable price?
The Aletta DSLR Stabilizer will have that capability as we grow.

  • 6. While some of the newer DSLRs have an electronic level built in, it would be nice to have a bubble level with your DSLR at all time.
The Aletta DSLR Stabilizer resolves that problem.

  • It protects your camera from scratches.
  • It stabilizes the camera even when a long Zoom or Telephoto is attached. While some telephotos have tripod mounts, these are mostly for distributing the weight evenly.  They are rarely tall enough to protect the camera, or the lens itself, when resting the camera/lens on a table or other surface. (See the first picture above)

Never damage your long lenses anymore.

Overall view
  • It incorporates a bubble level, slightly offset for better reading.

Easy to see bubble level.
  • It has a 1/4" threaded hole underneath if you want to install the whole camera system on a tripod for studio work.

It has (3) sets of screw-in extending legs, (four in each set, 1/2" long, 1" long and 1-1/2" long), allowing levelling of the camera on a rock, mail box, fence, or just about any uneven surface for night photography or simply to replace your cumbersome tripod. It's great for field trips and wild life or landscape photography.

Four different sized of screw-in legs are supplied. - 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2".
  • We use genuine non-slip "egrips" on the top surface to prevent camera shifting.
A hand grip is included for secure camera holding. (A genuine leather hand grip will be available at extra cost.)
Underside view.


  • S-biners are supplied so that you can install your neck strap when needed or remove it quickly when not needed.


Camera strap in use.

The S-Biners makes installing and removing the neck strap simple and quick.
  • It is made of aircraft aluminum, CNC machined for durability and quality. (No cheap plastic here)
The overall finish is black velvety powder coating, matching the look and durability of your camera finish.

It is made of Aircraft Aluminum,  CNC machined. You paid a lot for your DSLR, don't you want quality products to match it? It weights a little over 12 ounces, but most tripods are weighing around 4 pounds.

The K-5 stabilized on a car roof and hood. You can see the adjustable legs in use. These "screw-in "legs can be adjusted to most shapes, (tree trunks, mail boxes, benches, fences, etc, You will appreciate that capability when traveling or when you are without a tripod. Once attached to the camera, you never have to take it off. It fits in your camera bag.

It works without the Battery grip, but doesn't conform to the smaller footprint perfectly. For that matter, it will fit on any DSLR. We are contemplating making three different sizes, accommodating most DSLRs. However, custom cut for a particular DSLR always looks better. You can let us know.
For all the other peripherals it replaces, incorporated in one unit, we are introducing our "DSLR Stabilizer" at a target price of $149.95 U.S. We will have a finite price once we calculate the exact manufacturing cost.

We Will start shipping in April, and you will be able to pre-order in a few days. You can also send us an email,  and request to be informed when the Aletta DSLR Stabilizer is available for shipping.

Be prepared to answer questions from other photographers everywhere you go. They are intrigued by it.

More photos and videos to be released in the next few days.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

UPDATE: Pentax Friends and fellow photographers, all is back to normal and I will introduce my "Gizmo"Friday afternoon@ 2:00 P.M. California time.


Pentax Friends and fellow photographers, all is back to normal and I will introduce my "Gizmo"Friday afternoon@ 2:00 P.M. California time. I received it tonight and it's just a matter of taking pictures of it, and post them.


Hi Pentaxian friends.

I know many of you are disappointed with the tardiness of the introduction of my new "Gizmo". First, I never imagined that my humble Blog post about "Something new is coming and it's getting around the corner. Pentax will be the first to get it" would go viral so quickly.

Then, the passing of my Mother stopped everything for me. For those that have lost a parent, you understand how it feels. I have been worrying about that moment since I was a little boy.

I don’t want to trouble you anymore with my grieving, and this week will be the week I finally introduce my new “Gizmo”. I received a sample unit this past weekend, used it all weekend and made a few last minute changes. The unit is back at the machine shop and I have been promised a completed unit by Wednesday. Since I know how plans can changes, I think we are going to announce the new “Gizmo” between Wednesday and the weekend, unless the end-of-the-world happens!

I received so many emails and comments from interested photographers, that I am amazed with your interest. I read all comments on various Forums, laughed at some of the suggestions, but some of you came real close to describing what the new accessory is...but not close enough. The reason I started with the Pentax K-7 and K-5 is simply because that’s what I use daily and I was able to customize my item to fit perfectly to these two DSLR models that are identical in dimensions. I might offer customization for the most popular Nikon, Canon, Sony and perhaps Olympus DSLRs as well, but my thoughts are more toward fabricating a universal product. I will request your opinions on that matter once the product is launched. Customized products do fit and look better, but cost a little more on account of the limited production. We’ll see…I’m sure you will let me know.

We have several products that will follow.

Finally, for three years, I have given away my “Auto-Focus Adjustment Chart” free for the download. It's been downloaded tens of thousands times. I know of two companies that snatched my design, changed it a little, and mass produced it. There was a lesson learned and later on, I will introduce a new highly accurate, aluminum CNC machined, “Auto-Focus Adjustment Chart” at a very reasonable price with all the attributes of current AF Adjustment products on the market…and then some. My free Chart will remain available.

Thank you again for your visits and your patience,

Yvon Bourque