Friday, May 11, 2012

Have you ever had back or front focusing problems? Your problems can be reduced drastically with the Pentax K-01


 Hi Photographer friends,

Have you ever had any back or front focusing problems with your DSLR? It's not an uncommon problem with all brands of DSLR cameras. The tolerance of factory settings are often the cause, but most often, it's caused because the light coming into the camera lens is first reflected onto the mirror and through the prism . If the distance from the mirror center to the Matte glass (A) is slightly different than the distance from the mirror center to the sensor surface  (B), or from the mirror center to the AF detectors (C), you will have a back or front focusing problem. That's a lot of elements that have to be just right to work homogeneously.

Well, the Pentax K-01 can solve that problem. The K-01 is not necessarily the fastest auto focus camera in the world, but AF speed and front/back focusing are completely different problems.

The mirror less cameras don't have front or back focusing problems because they don't have any mirror in the pathway. 

That's another reason why I do like the K-01. Admittedly, I would have like an Optical Viewfinder, (OVF) and actually you can use any OVF from other manufacturers, as long as they fit on the flash bracket and the angle of view  matches that of the the lens you are using.  See examples here and  here

Image from Nikon.

Image from Samsung

Image from Pentax

I just thought this would be interesting for the photographers complaining about front or back focusing.

Best Regards,

Yvon Bourque
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