Sunday, February 23, 2014

One day trip to Mexico with the Ricoh GR


 Hi Photographer friends,

This week we went to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. We are currently spending some time in Southern Texas in our RV, and despite all the warnings of crossing the border, our visit was a great one. We parked our vehicle on the U.S. side and walked to Mexico via the International bridge. 

Our Home is where our RV is parked.
The food was excellent and the people very friendly. Being a border town, merchants are everywhere trying to sell hats to sunglasses, candy to full meals and everything in between. It seems that every second business is a Pharmacy, a Dentist or an Optometrist. The facts are that it is indeed very inexpensive when compared to our side of the border. 

However, our visit was for entertainment and as tourists. Mexico is a colorful country. Everywhere you look, there are bold colors. I had the Ricoh GR in my pocket first, as I was told to hide everything of value. I saw no threat at all. We visited Mexico before and it boils down to using common sense. 

The Ricoh GR is the ideal camera for walkabout shooting. It is small enough to carry around and the sensor is an APS-C sized, actually the same as the Pentax K-5. The camera is equipped with an 18.3mm wide-angle lens and is perfect for tight spaces. The quality of the images, is astounding. The following images were captured that day and I wanted to emphasize on the bright colors of Mexico.

Thank you for visiting,
Yvon Bourque

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