Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Revive old images taken with a 3.39 megapixels camera using Lightroom.

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 Hi Photographer friends,

I posted a while back about keeping your pictures that were well composed but with an incorrect exposure. My point was that someday, software would be available to correct the badly exposed images. Every year, new software packages are introduced with more and more capabilities. The pictures below were taken with digital cameras between 1998 and 2000. One camera had 3.39 megapixels. 

Using Lightroom 5.3, I was able to revive some pictures, even more than I did before. I think they were all well composed , but the exposure and other factors keep me from doing anything with these images, except for keeping them in my photo files.

I cannot make them bigger and expect great results, but by using today's tools, I think they are acceptable for computer screen viewing and emails, or even Facebook and other social media places.

Here's what I did.
I tweaked the color and made them more vivid. I used Lightroom's Clarity slider, then the sharpening slider (to the right) and finally the Noise Reduction and Luminance. It makes the images look slightly like a water color print, but hides all of the imperfections.

In the end, photography is an Art and what ever pleases you or the viewers, is okay. 

Thank you for reading,
Yvon Bourque

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