Monday, December 28, 2015

Forget the Flucard or the Wi-Fi of the K-S2, there is a much simpler way to transfer images to your iPhone or iPad.


 Hi Photographer friends,

I have the Pentax Flucard for my K-3 and I also have the Pentax K-S2. Both allows me to transfer images to my iPhone or iPad and post them on Facebook or email images. However, both are a little clumsy and the software required is nt as good as I would have expected.

It's not really a deal breaker, but I found a much easier way to transfer my images to my iPhone and iPad.

It's only $29.00 and the shipping was free directly from Apple. I was delivered in two days, and that's during the Holiday season. It's called "Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader".

It can export JPG and RAW files. It is quicker than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. All you do is take the SD card from your camera and insert it in the reader end and connect the other end to your iPhone or iPad. Voila, in a few seconds, the images are shown on your device. Keep the images you like and delete the rest.

Once in your device, you can send or post the images just like you would with photos taken with your iPhone or iPad, but much much better quality images. No need to mess with the Wi-Fi capabilities of the cameras. I'm sure there will come a day when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth  will be available on all cameras and the software will also improve with time. However, for now, I found this adapter awesome, fast and inexpensive. There is no learning curve. You you the SD card in and it instantly transfer whatever is on it to the device.

This is what I received, in two days.

Insert the SD card one end and the other ens to the device. 
Images are loaded on the iPhone.

Keep or delete images before completing the transfer.

Images stored in "Moments" in your device .

From there, do whatever you would do if the image was taken from your iPhone.

I attached the description from Apple below.


With the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader,
it’s easy to download photos and videos from
your digital camera to your iPad or iPhone so
 you can view them on the gorgeous Retina
display and share them with family and friends.
After you insert the SD card into the reader, your iPad or iPhone automatically opens
the Photos app, which organizes your photos into Moments, Collections, and Years.
 And when you use iCloud Photo Library, all your full-resolution photos and videos
 are stored safely in iCloud and automatically added to the Photos app on all your
devices. With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can share your photos and videos with just
 the people you choose.
The Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader supports standard photo formats, including
 JPEG and RAW, along with SD and HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4.
 It supports data transfer at up to USB 3 speeds on iPad Pro, and up to USB 2 speeds
 on all other iPad and iPhone models.

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