Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thank you for reading... more than one hundred thousand times.

Dear Pentaxians and friends.

Today marks the first year anniversary of PentaxDslrs.blogspot. This blog was started last year on July 21, 2007. I was inspired by two Pentax oriented blogsites. One is OK1000 hosted by Michael Gaudet in New York City and the other is Pentax K10D blog hosted by Bruce Robbins located in Scotland. Both are some of the nicest people I have ever met on the internet. Although I probably haven't reach the audience that both have, I am pleased with the number of Photography enthusiasts that have logged on. My site (It's really your site) is primarily about Pentax equipment, but I do venture in general photography and try to bring interesting stories or facts.

Here are the statistics for the first year. As of today, 100,311 unique visitors were recorded. This is an average of 300 visitors per day, but in reality, during the first month, only 23 people logged on. One year after, about 400 to 600 people log on every day. This site doesn't get the traffic that the sites like the DPReview, or PentaxForums of the world get, but I am patient and once I start something, I never give up. I'm here to stay and I want this site to become everybody's site.

I have no intention of ever turning this blog into a forum, but I believe that anyone with a good story, a good essay, a unique experience, or anything of interest to Pentaxians should be able to post here. Of course, this site is about Pentax, so I will always limit the equipment write-ups to Pentax only. So... this is my official invitation to everyone around the world; submit your essay or story for posting on this blog. It would be so wonderful if we could exchange experiences with Pentax users from all over the world. Of course, all credits will be given to the writer. You can submit your essay to .

The five top post of this past year surprised me a little. Here they are in order of popularity:


2. Part one:

Part Two:


4. Part One:


Thank you so very much for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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